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Wedding Flower Price List

Our range of bespoke items 

The below is a indicative price guide of wedding and event flowers to help you with your planning and budgeting. Depending on the flower types, quantity, density and sizes of your floral arrangements the below prices may vary. Each price is based on seasonal flowers varieties.

Great news for our clients that your purchase is GST FREE!

Bridal Bouquets

  • Round posy natural stem  From $200

  • Tear Drop bouquet From $250

  • Trailing bouquet From $200

  • Arm Sheaf / Spray From $150

Bridesmaids Bouquets

  • Round Posy natural stem From $180

  • Tear drop bouquet From $200

  • Arm Sheaf / Spray $150

  • Wrist corsage From $50

Flower Girls

  • Round posy $50

  • Basket of Petals $35

  • Flower Crown From $90

Ceremony Flowers

  • Alter arrangement   From $250

  • Pew bows with few flowers    From $30 each

  • Pew bows and posy bunch   From $45 each

  • Rose petals per bag   $50

Reception Flowers

  • Bridal table trough From $250

  • Guest Table arrangement From $80

  • Flower arrangement for cake From $50

  • Throwaway bouquets From $70

  • Thank you bouquets From $80

Delivery and set up fee

 Pricing will according to the specifics of the job

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